22 May 2011

Tape Me Down!

Holy Cake!
As you already know, we have a big crush on Japanese Washi Tape. It is AMAZING.
If we could, we would use it on absolutely everything we own, but we cant quite afford to!
But wait ... what is this?

Tape Hooks?
Oh My Goodness people, that's right! Superhero's Torafu Architects have come up with these incredible creations that allow us to stick em up everywhere and make a real feature in our lives. Hooray! We love to hang, we love to recycle and we love how this amazing paper tape looks. I think you could say that is Good Times all round!

Keep your eyes peeled for these bad boys as we bet they will be hitting the UK soon.
We will be investing the whole set and re-designing Vivid HQ!


  1. these are awesome! i definitely need some.

  2. We want to put them on everything we own!