17 Dec 2010


Have you ever seen the original John Waters film Hairspray? NO? Well you better climb off that cloud and buy a copy today; It is sheer genius. None of this John Travolta nonsense, just good times all round! On top of that, there is a lot of chat and use of hairspray throughout - a Vivid must!
Anyhow, being such keen beans this Christmas, we snapped up two tickets for the hottest show in town. Hairspray at the Playhouse may be a little costly, but it is worth every penny. It had AMAZING set design and is really great fun - it made us want to join in! Dress up and get down tonight! They really are the nicest kids in town (wink).

13 Dec 2010

To Do!

My oh my. Vivid have been super busy with work, play and this upcoming Christmas holiday! We feel like we are missing out on all the small things. To combat this, I do what everyone else does in times of desperation and procrastination... Make a list!

Top Three To Do!

1. Learn a new song on the Ukulele.
Thats right, I play the Ukulele. For real! It is the best insrument in the whole world to cheer people up. Katey Perry? Dolly Parton? Amy Winehouse? Check! I would really like to learn a new one for Christmas too. Any requests?

2. I am half way through my new illustration project. I am gutted this has been on hold for so long, but it is coming REALLY soon! Hold on to your socks, it's going to be great! I am so excited!

3. We really need to add the finishing touches to our Christmas gifts. Sign, seal, deliver!
It may in fact be our favorite part to Christmas, but this year it seems to be very rushed! We have now almost covered our friends and our family... and our Secret Santa gifts... and as we are donating gifts to charity this year and have nearly picked up everything we wanted. We have almost completed our wish list! But my, what a collection of gems we have cluttering up our homes!

Perhaps I should re-assess the numerical order of this list! Plenty more to add on here too... lets do this one step at a time. Focus! We hope you're getting everything done this week!

11 Dec 2010

Vivid's Top 10 London Treats

Naturally, we are collecting our Christmas treats for friends and family at the moment ... and maybe one or two for us as well... Isn't that what Christmas is about? Ooops! Hee hee!

Anyhoo, as we are doing a London feature at the moment we thought we would let you sneak a peak at the amazing things we brought home. Keep it to yourself for now though! Shhhhhhhh......

Who doesn't love owls? This little owl drawer knob from Anthropologie stole our hearts... perfect for every little home!

This Tado Tako Octo-plush came straight out of Kid Robot and straight home with us! Perfect for Vivid's studio sofa. Winner!

Yes, that is correct. Flipz. We couldn't believe our eyes either, but the rumors are true!
Our highschool sweetheart is available for one last throw of passion at the back of the bike sheds. Oh my. Get your own and be the envy of all your friends! Thank goodness for Cybercandy!

For the cutest couple we know, his and hers super cute Artbox mugs. These have the perfect handle size to fit your whole hand through! Dreamy! Also, how amazing is the cookie character? Hello!

Vivid couldn't do London without paying a visit to Tatty Devine. After Interning here it is like a second home! It breaks our heart we live so far away... but save's our wallets! Here is our For Him and For Her top picks for all you heartbreakers out there!

The Moleskine Colour a Month diary collection. Ouch! This purchase was made at Liberty of London, Vivid's all time favorite department store. This is the must buy for artists this year! Not only is each book dedicated to each month, but it is also colour coded AND numbered on the front. I know, we almost cried when we saw it too!

Rose Bud Tea from Camellia Sinensis is not only the most beautiful tea for you're budding English Rose, but it is also the most delicious! Worth every penny and a much welcomed alternative from your average Builders Brew!

We also got sucked into the lovely Lomography shop, where we couldn't bare to leave empty handed! If we had all the money in the world, we would have bought the Lubitel 166 and the Diana F+, the ideal his and hers....Thank goodness for these amazing zipper candies! Hee hee!

Oh My Macaroon! We picked up our special request from the brilliant Candy Cakes shop. This place has the most vibrant candy cupcakes we have ever seen! If you are looking for the ultimate sugar rush, this is the place to be!

We actually gave away our left arm for this Gloomy Bear plushie at Playlounge, but oh my goodness, can't you see why! Perfect for our someone special... and worth every finger! Hee hee!

That's it for now lovelies. We hope this helped you get some inspiration for your own nearest and dearest. We will be struggling to part with this selection, we obviously like these people a LOT! Enjoy!

9 Dec 2010

London Bridge is Falling Down

Believe it or not, Vivid did cross the London Tower Bridge, but it was sooooo cold we couldn't bare take our little hands out of our home made mittens to take a photo! We did however....

Visit The Queen! Oh My we love those guard's hats. Do you know where we could get one? Perfect for our trek to work!

Oh Goodness Gracious Me! Vivid are in love with ships in bottles. Vivid are also in love with Big Small things. Can you imagine the excitement we had when we found the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square? So much that a little wee came out! Hee hee

Who is that? Oh! It is Big Ben! Oh, what's that? Who is the cute couple looking at Big Ben? If only we knew. They are cute though!

Sweet dreams....

8 Dec 2010

London Fogg

Vivid have spent a lot of their time researching Diners in London. This is very, very serious work. Best dawg in town? Best coffee and pie? Cutest cafe in the city? My Oh My! Here is a wee peek at our top banana....Vivid's new home!

Other cafe crushes include these beauties:


7 Dec 2010

London Calling!

We are lucky enough to escape the Scottish snow for 4 days by sneaking in a cheeky visit to the UK's capital. Vivid's goal during this adventure is to research research research! It's a jam packed mission of markets, museums and musings!
Somehow we also squeeze in a visit to the Queen, but that is another story!

Our ramble takes us to Shoreditch; Vivid HQ for the next few days, where we walk past these beauties daily. Ouch! This has inspired Vivid to try harder. We want one...each!

When the window displays contain Ukulele's, Silvanian Families and plastic caravans, you can rest assured that some good has come of the recession! Phew!

Before even achieving number one on Vivid's To Do List, we are blown away by our surroundings. The street art in London is awe inspiring; chipped portraits in the wall, building sized birds and grand gramophones make us want to illustrate all day long! We hope these artists make money from their talents!

3 Dec 2010

Vivid's Studio

Hello Hello!
We are very proud to be pulling together our first ever studio. It is a very exiting time! Vivid's top priority is to fill it full of fun and beautiful items; Vivid Headquarters is going to be Inspiration Central! Here is a sneak peak at our prize possessions...

We gots vintage, urban vinyl, old fairground signage, birdcages, toys, a picnic set, a 1960's petrol globe...even a double headed joint account piggy bank.

If you aren't jealous on some level, you have no soul!

Edinburgh In Snow

You know when you spend your whole life doing the same things in the same place and you forget entirely about your surroundings? Then one day you see it in a whole new way and remember why you love it? Well, we may be sick and tired of the snow and having to walk for miles to get to work, but when you stop and look up (or, no doubt, you have slipped and fallen on your bum and you have been forced to look up!) and see this....you remember why you don't move to Hawaii.

Vivid love Edinburgh!

2 Dec 2010

Advent Calender by Love Creative

Vivid strongly feel that it would not be Christmas without an Advent Calender. Any excuse to eat chocolate first thing afterall! Anyhoo, the clever beans at Scanzine and Love Creative of Manchester have come together and created this gem of an idea!

You know those crazy black and white boxes you get on printed adverts? The ones that make you think if you sat that close to the TV, this is what your eyes would turn into?
Well, those things are magical. You take a photo of it on your phone and it opens up a website! Normally they are used to advertise things like Coca Cola, but Love Creative have turned it into a festive tresure trove of joy!

Posted around Manchester and London are their very own advent calenders which show you a different digital dream with every calender day. Don't live in Manchester or London? Scanzine and Love have made this a website too! Check it out daily.... We are!