30 Nov 2010

Vivid Loves Dezeen!

Vivid are major fans of Dezeen Magazine and we are delighted they have published their top ten paper products! Wowzer! Not only do they have Vivid's favourite La-La-Lashes by Paperself in at number 2, but they also include our super favourite calendar. Vivid don't really do well with dates, but this is our diary crush!

Oscar Diaz: champion.

Infact, Vivid crushed on this inky beauty so much, that when the Nixon Rocio watch was released, there was no stopping us from snapping one up! However, which came first ... ?

Actually, we don't really care. What matters here is that they are beautiful things that make our day a little happier! Highly recommended for Tuesday blues!

28 Nov 2010

A Vivid Weekend

This weekend was a great one for Vivid. For once, we got millions of things done! Not only did we complete our little projects for The Vivid Store, but we also had a lot of fun too! Let us share...

This is JJ or Jaaaaaaaaaay Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaay as Vi likes to call him. He belongs to Vid and lives in another home, so this is an image from our most recent visit. JJ likes to think that he is a lion and, somewhat unusually, he will only drink from a pint glass. Like Vivid, he has a "little person complex", and that is why we love him just the way he is.

Oh, what is this little lovely gem of goodness?! Oh yes, it is Vivids beautiful new camera bag. We are itching to fill it with our Diana and SX-70 Polaroid Cameras! Don't worry, we will show you more of this bad boy when it comes through the post!

He is Vivid's new man crush; the painfully awkward Karl Pilkington of An Idiot Abroad. You can read more about this in the blog below, but these tags of Karl have become Vivids favorite collection. We hope there is more to come!

Stoats are Porridge Oats; very tasty tasty. Vivid went to the infamous Farmer's Market on Saturday in the snow. Not only was it beautiful, but we picked up an extra special breakfast too. This is the perfect start to winter, we highly recommend it!

This was a naughty purchase made. It happens, and to be fair, it was a bargin! Moustache? A little French? Beautiful! This is obviously Vivid's purchase of the week! In honour of Movember, GET YOUR TASH OUT!

We hope you all had a lovely weekend too. Try not to shiver too much in the snow, and remember your wellies!

Our Productive Sunday!


Today we have had a super productive day. We have illustrated, tweeted, researched, briefed and bought! Hold on to your socks, as Vivid will be selling lots of goodies very very soon! As a little teaser, here is a sneaky peak for now ...

Oooooh! Vividplease.me!

Happy Sunday!


Why, it's that little round-headed buffon, Karl Pilkington! And it appears he is popping up around the streets of Edinburgh, but in the form of graffti.

If you are in the dark about, now cult icon, Karl, then here is what our street artist based his graffiti on:


Be sure to have a watch of An Idiot Abroad and a listen to The Ricky Gervais Show podcasts to experience for yourselves the sheer earnestness and naivety of Karl.

26 Nov 2010

Vivid Love Chai Tea Latte's

What is that? SNOW! Oh my goodness! There is only one thing we can do to cope with this!

Drink Chai Tea Latte's.

1 cup milk
1 cup water
1 large strip of orange peel
3 whole cloves
1 (3 inch) cinnamon stick
3 whole black peppercorns
1 pinch ground nutmeg
4 teaspoons white sugar
2 teaspoons black tea leaves

Get the flat cozy.
Combine the milk and water in a saucepan over medium-high heat.
Once this mixture has warmed, place the orange peel, cloves, cinnamon stick, peppercorns, nutmeg, sugar, and tea leaves into the pan. Stir in lots of love and warm thoughts.
Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer until the color deepens to your liking...you know, brown.
Strain out spices, unless you like a chewy cuppa!
Pour into cups, put your feet up and go "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"


Minds. Boggled. Ouch.

Tiny art is exactly the sort of thing Vivid are about so you can imagine how boggled our minds became after this (slightly dated) news report:


24 Nov 2010

Tim Burton Week

In honour of Tim Burton's Twitter Exquisite Corpse,
Vivid are indulging in our own Tim Burton Week.
We are not only fan's of Tim Burton films for the beautiful being that is Johnny Depp, but also because the photographic productions of his visions are stunning. Vivid would love to work with Tim Burton ... or at least go for a pint with him.

Edward Sissorhands
Vivid's all time favourite Tim Burton film; set in the 1950's, there are a LOT of fun haircuts AND there is even an Avon lady in it?! WIN!

Alice In Wonderland
Vivid's tribute comes in the form of interior design. Step inside Vivid's world and take a sneeky peak at how we live...

Willy Wonka
As a remake it isn't the most spectacular (Gene Wilder is a genious!), but Burton makes this film more stunning than ever. If there wasn't such wonderful sweeties in the world, Vivid would just give up the ghost! Here are a few of our most favouritest treats...

Hooray for TIM BURTON!

23 Nov 2010

Vivid love Tim Burton

And we adore this shoot for Harper's Bazaar!

Thank goodness for photographer Tim Walker - we doubt many could do any better! Vivid would love to do a shoot like this!

Vivid enjoy the art of Kyle Bean

Paper craft? Stick Insects? Sign Vivid up!
We don't know who Kyle Bean is, but we likie!

This boy clearly knows what he is doing. Check out his website for more of his magical whimsy!

Vivid Love Fifi Lapin

Fifi Lapin.
There are no words to describe.
Only bunny illustrations.

Hooray for the joy Fifi Lapin has brought into our lives!
Check out Fifi

22 Nov 2010

If Vivid were Superheroes ...

Dressing up is fun. That's a given.
It is no surprise, then, that one of the best things we have stumbled upon is this simply (evil) genius of a shop in Brooklyn, New York, which specialises in clothing and equipping caped saviours of the skies and those who appose them. That's right, it's The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Maybe River Island don't stock the right cape?

Or perhaps Specsavers' bifocal's don't quite penetrate the realms of invisibility the way you'd like (or frankly expect).

"Giving a BSSCo. Gift Certificate to your favorite hero is giving a gift to the whole world."

The real beauty of all this, however, lies in the fact that although the Superhero shop is very real and stocks everything as advertised (although minus much of the 'superness'), it is all a facade for the fantastic creative writing school which is housed in the back, 826NYC.

What a way to inspire your students.

20 Nov 2010

Vivid adore Paperself!

Vivid don't agree with all this fake bake and hair extensions nonsense.
We like people just the way they are.
Lets ditch the tango'd look and the horse's manes.
Do we really need 4 inch plastic nails to "look good"?
Chicken fillets?!
Yeah, exactly.
Vivid don't like this type of fakery. But like everyone else, Vivid do have the odd soft spot. I guess it is like eating your 5 a day, and then that 1/2 a carton of Ben and Jerrys; you got to live a little!
What is Vivid's weaknes? Can you keep a secret?.....

False eyelashes

Ok ok, we know its not good for you. But come on. False eyelashes make every gal super cute! And if you can combine them with your FAVORITE CRAFT OF ALL TIME .... well ... it's all ok then, innit!?

Thank Goodness for Paperself for making Vivid's guilty pleasure acceptable.
These are works of art that deserve a good night on the town!
You free Friday?

Boyfriend Surprise

After my rubbish day at work I was given this. Awwwww! My favorite! Swooooon!

14 Nov 2010

Vivid do Oscar Mayer

Oh I wish I were an Os-car Mayer Wie - ner
That is what I'd tru-ly like to be
'cause if I were an Os-car May-er Wie - ner
Ev-ery one would be in love with me!

Oscar Mayer; Legend.
This is Vivid's favorite ever jingle, and possibly the world's favorite ever hot dog brand.
Vivid are proud to be the new owners of this giant inflatable hot dog!

Vivid love Oreos

You know, I reckon that if I ever came across someone who didn't enjoy an Oreo cookie, I would run away from them very very quickly. I'm not entirely sure what it is about them that is SO GOOD, but GEE WHIZZ they are GOOOOOD! I just wouldn't be able to trust that poor fool.
ANyhow, Vivid are a little tired of going to dunk their Oreo's and loosing half of their cookie in their glass of milk. Oreo Milkshakes are awesome, but soggy Oreo at the bottom of a glass of milk? Not so hot! Life can be so cruel sometimes. But wait! What's this?!

The Dipr

Thank goodness someone had the time to come up with this invention! Vivid will be buying 2 asap (one each!). So, has anyone had time to invent my hovercraft yet?

13 Nov 2010

Vivid Branded Christmas

Vivid aren't so sure about the madness that comes along with November and December over Chrimbo. However, Vivid defo do Coca Cola and Starbucks. In Edinburgh today, not only did Vivid have one of Starbucks delicious Christmas drinks, but we actually found the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck! It's like all our Branded Dreams came true!

11 Nov 2010

Vivid Vintage Illustrations


Wow, what a day! Vivid have been super busy, but we are VERY proud to introduce you to the latest addition to the Vivid Family:

The Vintage Hostess Illustrations!

We have more to come, but these will be printed for purchase soon... We hope you love them as much as we do...

Hooray for Hostess!

Hooray for Junk Food!

Hooray for Vivid!

Vivid Do Winter Mornings

Man, these early days in November are pretty bum.
Dark in the morning. Dark at 4pm. Didn't we have actual days last week?!

The up side to this time of year is the beautiful-ugly "christmas" woolies and warming your hands on a nice big cuppa...

Vivid are well prepared for work today!

Get your wellies out, its going to be a long day!

10 Nov 2010

Vivid Matchbooks

Vivid love Matchbooks. And Vivid love Vegas. And illustrating....
Combined, you get the beginings of Vivids new project....

The Vivid Vegas Matchbook Illustrations Project!

Catchy title, huh?

More to come ... watch this space!

Vivid love birds and biscuits

Holy cheese! how nice are these?!

Biscuits and Birds?! Yes Please!

Mat Dolphin is some kind of genius.