31 Oct 2010

Happy Halloween!

Vivid want to wish you a happy halloween when it comes ... oooOOOooH! and we have lots of tricks and treats to share with yooooOOooou! Hang tight...

25 Oct 2010

Vivid Do Elvis Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches!

Vivid love sam'iches... (also known as sandwiches), and Vivid LOVE Elvis!
What a better way to celebrate this than to take a page out of the King's recipe book?
Here is Vivid's take on the Elvis classic!

Ingredients per person:

1 ripe banana
2 slices of white bread (the cheaper the better!)
Smooth peanut butter
lots of butter!

Extras that may be of interest = jam/jelly, bacon, maple syrup, scrambled eggs, anything that you know you shouldn't put into a fried sandwich!

1) lightly toast the bread
2) mash up the banana until it looks remarkably like baby food
3) put the mashed banana on one side of the bread
4) put lots of peanut butter on the other
5) put LOADS of yummy butter in a frying pan and heat up till it is bubbling away and smelling incredible
6) stick that sam'ich together and stick it in!
7) flatten and rotate sam'ich on medium heat until it is golden brown
8) serve on plate
9) loosen belt buckle...
10) ENJOY!

22 Oct 2010

Vivid's Love Dressing Up

This picture makes Vivid very happy.
We could actually fit into these costumes (vivid are vertically challenged)
but we wouldn't be as painfully cute!
Vivid wish to adopt these children...and the parents who did this to them.

20 Oct 2010

Vivid Are Scottish

Och aye, we are but!
Here are some lovely Polaroid's of some lovely Scottish things!

17 Oct 2010

Vivid's Inspiration

Vivid love to look at lots of pretty things! Here are some of the prettiest we have found this week. We hope they make you want to make things too!

Gum heeled shoes?! Nice cover ladies!
These beautiful birdhouses have been popping up in the parks of London. Vivid wish one was their studio!

Science - the Artist's greatest fear! But not this beauty! Vivid love homework science projects, and vivid's dad's love to help!

OMG! I know, we rarely use text abbreviations for actual writing, but OMG! this is way too AWESOME! In NY there is a super-awesome bar that is a Library on its side! If studying meant being here, Vivid would have done better at school!
Who doesn't like bikes? And who doesn't like their name? Oh my goodness! A super-cute bike with my name on it? YES PLEASE!

We found these keepers all on the Geekologie and Dezeen websites - visit if you have never been, your life will change for the better!