30 Aug 2010


Check out page 4 ... uh huh, yeah, that's right, they used one of our photos! Yay!

Considering the amount of press and photographers at the event, we are pretty chuffed they went with one of ours. It is a beauty though.

16 Aug 2010

Vivid at Vintage!

Ever wanted to walk from the 40's to the 80's? A bit of swing one minute and a rave the next?

Well, in 2010 we did. From the 13th to the 15th of August was the inaugural Vintage at Goodwood Festival! Beautifully dressed people, Walls of Death, a Highstreet in the middle of a field and Mick Hucknall the frontman of the Faces - yeah I know!

We can tell ya, it was a magnificent weekend. We stayed in a tent - we both managed to put it up and take it down on our own. It never blew over or go on fire. We did have to (ironically) break into it with a key when one of us forgot the code. Foolish.

Isn't it beautiful?
Unlike the festivals you know and love, there was actually a lot to do. Food - check. Posh toilets - check. Money sapping stalls - double check! Holy crap we bought a lot but nothing quite as good as our his 'n hers letters from Still Life who were brilliant and had loads of great stuff.

However, like the festivals you know and love there was also some great music. Wanda Jackson was there doing her rockabilly act, the previously mentioned Faces actually put on a good show minus Rod, The Rezillos brought back Top of the Pops and Sophie Ellis Bextor musically bitch slapped Pulp's Common People (ughh). The highlight for us, though, was Martha and her Vandella's putting on a show befitting of her classic motown tune, Heatwave. She even squeezed in a bit of a "slowdance". Bam.

What else, what else. I think that covers most of it...

It was a superbly organised event and with talk of it being continued next year, we are already excited.

Take a look at our Flickr for more photos I urge you to make the trip in 2011.