19 Apr 2010

Vivid in the City

A lovely welcome home to one half of Vivid who had been away in Europe, trapped by a giant dust cloud.

The week was spent in the other half of Vivid's flat and it was a nice relaxing break from trains, boats and Frenchmen.

In typical style, we discovered some pretty food and drink places and tip-toed the boundaries of childhood with a bit of toy shopping. We didn't buy Shave A Sheep in the end but we did buy a bunch of cable liquorice from I Love Candy (a sort of evil twin of Lickety Split).

What is it about Britain's Got Talent? I don't even know if I want them to fail anymore - not very British at all. But, yeah, we watch that. Trash and Vivid is becoming a recurring feature in this blog.

A brief visit to the Galleries of Modern Art. It's what kickstarted Vivid into action and, for us, it's an ongoing source of inspiration. Even for that little ladybird there.

2 Apr 2010


Home of the 90's mullet, trashy postcards and, of course, the Pleasure Beach, Vivid went to Blackpool. Yeah, that's right.

We both found a new Mum in our guesthouse proprietor and she made our visit very comfortable indeed, breakfast in bed included.

Now, Vivid's favourite things are little things that are big or big things that are little, so imagine the excitement of "The World's Biggest Disco Ball™", The World's Largest Rocking Horse and Ripley's Believe it or Not which also had some pretty tiny things and really fat people also.

I tell ya, though, we do admire the honesty of Blackpool. In general, the place and people are at the business end of "trashy" but it's not hidden. It can all be enjoyed guilt free and that's what we did.

Skeeball, Elvis' 10p Penny Falls, Giant Operation all took our money (although we did pretty good at the Elvis one - we just didn't leave the building when we should have). Add to this the rides of the Pleasure Beach (including the first ever Ghost Train, world's COLDEST ride and Infusion) which required some coaxing for one of us at first, we had the sort of time you are supposed to at Blackpool.

It was sad to leave the place, and we will always miss the musac.

Almost forgot, what were our winning prizes after a several nights in Coral Island?

5 animal erasers, 2 skull banks, My Crappy Pony, a recorder and 1 refresher - our minor prizes.