21 Feb 2010

Vivid Do Glasgow

Tea on the train - a must. Would have been free in 1st Class though …

Vivid never turn their noses up at a bargain, and Primark is full of them. Cream shoes for 4 bucks? Thanks very much.

Tinderbox, home to beautiful milkshakes and also home to a List I Saw You box … he didn't see as a message for the future was submitted.

Vivid love Ashton Lane.

We discovered more burgers at Ketchup, more drinks in The Loft and possibly the 3rd member of this art collective, Aldis.

3 Feb 2010

Vivid by the Sea

I supposed you could call it a 'first date' of sorts.

Some burgers at 'The Tavern' and candy from Lickety Split. One of the Vivid duo got a cute little hula hoop and the other book about his other family.

A bus to the sea brings paper crane lessons over a pint and with it, a first crane.

As we all know, a trip to 24 hour Tesco usually equals odd purchases, so tea and solitary sandwich it was. No milk.

After some Vivid Dreams, brunch by the sea, a caffeine-based pick-me-up and a brand new home for our paper cranes which appear to be breeding!